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Janina | Finland
I spend my free time listening to music watching tv shows and lying in my bed stating at the ceiling



-pretty photography
-bands (check "listening to")
-funny textposts

listening to

-arctic monkeys
-panic! at the disco
-red hot chili peppers
-the 1975

playing (music)


playing (games)

-Battlefield 3
-hexxit (minecraft)
-animal crossing (all of them)
-mario kart 7
-the sims 3
-pokemon x


-pretty little liars
-orange is the new black


"social media"

-instagram 1 & 2
-3ds friend code: 0216-2171-9095
-i am istalkcats on almost everything


-my face
-important tags


do you ever just reblog a post from the source because the comments are too stupid


person: u should like more colours

me: image

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Me: ah, yes. Home alone. I can do whatever I want!
Me: *turns TV up a couple notches*
Me: *watches YouTube videos without headphones*
Me: getting crazy up in here


time for haircut

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i am so so so so so so so so s o passionate about music it is honestly my very favorite thing on this entire earth it makes me so undeniably happy and excited how can you just not love it with your entire being


*wishes i was a part of your internet gang*

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Questions tag!!

Rule 1: Always post rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions from the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to the post.

Rule 4: actually tell them you tagged them.

I was tagged by wethekingers

1) what’s your favourite film? - stuck in love??

2) favourite dog breed? - i dont like dogs oops

3) have you ever broken a friends trust? - yes

4) last sport you played? - volleyball

5) last time you hugged someone? - a few minutes ago

6) how many languages can you speak? - 3 fluently and im taking lessons in one

7) ever dyed your hair? - yes like 12 times (& i dont recommend doing it)

8) time you are answering these questions? - 11:54pm

9) who is a fictional character you relate to? - i dont know sorry :(

10) how are you? - quite good

11) best present you’ve ever received? - an electric guitar

My questions:

1. what do you like most about yourself?

2. what do you hate most about yourself?

3. do you play any instruments?

4. how many friends do you have?

5. are you good at singing?

6. ever had any boyfriends/girlfriends?

7. would you rather have one really good friend or 10 okay friends?

8. favourite bands/singers?

9. what do you think of alcohol & smoking?

10. favourite cat breed?

11. ever been to a concert/gig?

I tag: alohatroyler cutesivan demfairylights emtodt happytroyler jessd345 lovingoakley nihadina rainbowtornados sluttytroye troyeandty

I just typed a letter too see what would come up, obviously you dont have to do them :)


me before puberty:


me after puberty:




me every time there is a cat regardless of the situation (via spockular)