Janina | Finland
I spend my free time listening to music watching tv shows and lying in my bed stating at the ceiling


-photography & art

listening to

-FKA twigs

playing (music)


playing (games)

-Battlefield 4
-hexxit (minecraft)
-animal crossing (all of them)
-mario kart 7
-the sims 4
-pokemon x


-pretty little liars
-orange is the new black

"social media"

-instagram 1 & 2
-3ds friend code: 0216-2171-9095
-snapchat: istalkcats
-i am istalkcats on almost everything


-my face
-important tags
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beyonces speaking voice is deep and powerful too like i feel like if she were to call me a mothafucka it would resonate down my entire ancestral line and make my first ever primitive ancestor collaspe and erase my entire family tree

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